Harry W. Gray was born into slavery in 1852 at Arlington House, an estate overlooking the Potomac River in Alexandria. His house is a designated Arlington County landmark.


A little bit of history of the house

  The Harry W. Gray House, located at 1005 South Quinn Street in Arlington, Virginia was constructed  in 1881  in  the  Italianate style.  The  masonry dwelling,  constructed of  five-course American-bond brick, presents a rectangular  footprint  and freestanding  rowhouse  form typical of  urban  settings.  Standing two stories in  height, the three-bay-wide dwelling, which faces north,  sits on a solid brick foundation.  Capped by  a standing-seam metal shallow-pitched shed  roof, the  dwelling  also  features 212  wood  windows, two interior-end brick chimneys with corbeled caps,  and  a  full-width  one-story porch,  which  stretches across the faqade. A highly decorative Italianate-style entablature caps the facade.  A small wood-frame porch on the southeast comer of  the L-shaped dwelling was enclosed circa 1960. The  dwelling  is  located  in  Gray’s  Subdivision  of   the  Arlington View neighborhood, a  middle-class community with  an  historically African-American heritage.  The  Harry  W.  Gray  House  is located  on  a 0129-acre  sloping lot with a grassy yard, brick driveway,  and  landscaping.  A  wooden  fence  partially encloses  the property.  A  small,  non-historic shed is located  on the northwest  comer  of the  sit.  The property is in  excellent condition and has had little exterior alteration since its construction. via Arlington County.


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