Tysons Corner Landownership

image: Fairfax County DPZ

For the fun of it, I digged info on “Who’s Who” Tysons Corner’s landlords. In this post, we’re trekking the landlords of Tysons using the data that was prepared sometime in 2005 for Dulles metrorail. So it may contain info that is not current as of this time of writing.

The landownership within Tysons Corner is divided into publicly owned and privately owned land.  The other day, Washington Post had a piece about West Group (link to post), the largest ‘privately-owned’ landowner, that is selling land holdings to another company. While West Group is the single largest property owner, Tysons Corner Property LLC owns the largest contiguous land mass in Tysons, according to Fairfax County record.

The landownership in Tysons is divided according to the proposed four rail stations slated for Dulles metrorail:

  1. Tysons East
  2. Tysons Central 123
  3. Tysons Central 7
  4. Tysons West

In Tysons East. Who knew? That with the exception to the large parcel of Gates of McLean condominium, north of this station is owned by the ‘whats-in-your-wallet’ Capital One (25 acres) and West Group (10 acres). On the south of the station, the land is owned by a ‘few’ large landowners (no further info). However, land ownership along Colshire and southeast Anderson Road that range from 10 to 20 acres is owned by a few companies that includes Mitre Corporation, West Group, Northrop Grumman, MR Commons and Safeway.

Move on to Tysons Central 123. This part of Tysons has large parcel of land over 20 acres. North of the station, the owners includes Tysons II Land Co LLC (30 ac.), Tysons II Mall. South of the station, which is the largest single land mass under one owner is owned by Tysons Corner Property Holdings LLC (Tysons I Mall) with over 80 acres.

Then to Tysons Central 7. On this part of the proposed station, land masses ranged from 5.5 acres to over 18 acres, is owned by a few companies, i.e. SAIC (18 ac.), Booz Allen Hamilton (13 ac.), Sherwood Tysons (Marshall Shopping) owns about 16 ac. Koons Auto Dealership owns about 14 acres. Pike 7 Plaza owns about 12.6 acres.

Last station is Tysons West. This part of the proposed station no biggie landowners per se, because ownership is divided among several car dealerships and Rosenthal that owns 12 ac. of land, which is  the largest piece over here.

Oh, there’s more here. There you have it..